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Free Screen Resolutions

Screen Resolutions

Screen resolutions stencil from the Design Stencil kit in the Yahoo! Design Pattern Library.

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Free Dynamic Symmetry

Dynamic Symmetry

Primarily used by artists, designers and architects over many centuries, dynamic symmetry can provide a sense of harmony and balance to your creative compositions. Not just one stencil; there are six in all covering a range of proportions from the golden rectangle (phi) to the more familar root-2 rectangle utilised by the ISO...more

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Free Apple Hardware

Apple Hardware

A collection of 62 high-res 1024x1024 hardware icons that Apple uses in the finder when Coverflow is active. Even has the PC with the Blue screen of death. All with transparent backgrounds. Updated to include new MacBooks. Check out 'Apple IOS Hardware' for all the IOS devices and 'Apple Watch Hardware' for high-res Apple...more

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Free Interaction Workflow

Interaction Workflow

A subset of the flow diagram blocks specifically of use to Interaction Designers who are defining the workflow through their designs. I generally use these diagrams as clickable TOC in my UI design documents.

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Free Web Wireframe

Web Wireframe

Everything I need for wire framing in OmniGraffle. Maybe you need it too.

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Free Web Page Elements 1.1

Web Page Elements 1.1

Fixed some text alignments and grouping issues, included some background shapes to help the eye find the right item(s).

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Free Web Page Elements

Web Page Elements

Using the open-source "Bitstream Vera" font set and free icons from FamFamFam, you should have most of your common web page elements covered, including headings, form elements, content management function, image placeholders, etc.

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Free Servers (isometric)

Servers (isometric)

Scaleable, labeled vector stencils converted from original isometric shapes of Visio 2007.

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Free Venn and Shin Diagram Stencil

Venn and Shin Diagram Stencil

This is a stencil with the necessary shapes for improved VENN diagramming (Shin diagramming). More about this kind of diagramming can be found here for mathematics: http://www.math.wichita.edu/history/topics/arithmetic.html#venn or here for philosophy: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/diagrams/.

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Free Mac OS X Interface

Mac OS X Interface

Much interface design at Omni has started with a quick mockup in OmniGraffle. Here's the stencil I've been building, adding elements as I need them. Most designs start with an existing screenshot, with swatches of controlColor over things we need to get rid of, and layers of new controls on top of that. Clearly there are lots...more

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