Mac OS X Interface 2

omnigroupomnigroup Pro shared this on Feb 14, 2008

More new major Omni application updates mean a new, cleaner, more Leopardy interface stencil. This one makes extensive use of tables, for maximum flexibility while maintaining pixel precision. Enjoy! more

To install, unzip and double click stencil. Questions? Read more about installing stencils.
11-arrows-out Preview for Mac OS X Interface 2

To download this stencil,
open page on iPad or Mac.

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nall — over 5 years ago

When I try to load this into OmniGraffle Pro 5.1beta3 (v137.3.0.105122) , I get the following error:


tdellos — over 3 years ago

Beautiful and function stencil. Thanks for creating!!


bijusubhash — over 2 years ago

great work... thank you for sharing... here a link for another type UI elements with PSD format :


louishsi — 11 months ago

Nice and free.


wujoe — 10 months ago

thank you


novikov2503 — 2 months ago


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