UML Combined Fragments

adamlpgt Pro shared this on Mar 11, 2014

This stencil is used to easily create and adjust UML 2.1 combined fragments: Each operand box can be easily adjusted when its content changes, without the fuss of resizing and reconnecting the internal dotted lines. Basic adjustments can be made by simply resizing the whole table. To adjust an inner operand box, click/tap in the box until it is selected, resize it, and then resize the other operands in the same way as needed. To move around the content, first select the fragment table only (the table in this stencil) and lock it. Based on custom shapes created for this stencil, it includes fragments for up to three operands. A fragment with more operands can be built up with the pieces found near the bottom of the stencil: Arrange them with the custom dotted-line as the separator (it is actually a very thin custom OG shape), and make a table of it.

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