iPhone UI Elements

pypple pypple Pro shared this on Nov 12, 2015

This comprehensive iPhone stencil has everything you need to start designing a great iOS app.

To get you started, this stencil includes all the basic user interface elements you need to design an iOS app -- header bars, navigation bars, search bars, buttons, labels, select menus, dialogs, gestures, lists, sliders, and keyboards.

In addition to these basic elements, this stencil includes high quality mockups for many common interface scenarios, so you can design your app even faster.

  • Social elements include mockups for social actions: account logins, streams, timelines, contacts, chats, and friends lists.

  • Utility elements include mockups for maps, directions, alarms, calculator, translate, notifications, finance, weather locations, finances, financial statements, calendars, and reminders.

  • Store elements include mockups for stores, libraries, product detail pages, and shopping carts.

  • Lastly, this stencil also includes mockups for dashboards, browsers, email messages, pinboards, and downloads.

Note: all user interface elements in this stencil are designed to work with iOS 7 and above.

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