UX Caricatures

jcallenderjcallender Pro shared this on Sep 28, 2010

Stylized caricatures of leading figures in the fields of user experience, information architecture, and interaction design.more

To install, download and double-click stencil. Questions? Read more about installing stencils.
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jakob — over 6 years ago

My OmniGraffle spins when I try to load this stencil, perhaps it is corrupt? The stencil is quite large.


jcallender Pro — over 5 years ago

I believe this issue has been resolved, thanks to Joel Page of Omnigroup. There was an issue with color profiles that was causing duplication of file information on a grand scale!


gr0ff — over 4 years ago

Hi jcallender!
I would like work with this stencils for commercial (non-profit) use. Is that okay? If it is, it would be great for me. I also would leave my mail for more explanations from me or confirmation from you. What do you think?

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