Business Process Model

mike_finistermike_finister Pro shared this on Oct 31, 2010

My own version of a BPM / UML stencil. Includes a key to show how to combine the shapes - very stylised, but enjoy and hope you find it useful :)

To install, download and double-click stencil. Questions? Read more about installing stencils.
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mike_finister Pro — over 6 years ago

Please post feedback or requests for improvements :)


xtend85 — about 4 years ago

it must be better if it can use with accounting flow.
if you want a requests i want accounting admin process model, accounting process: document, documents, document tagging, process, processed, process tagging, etc.


dwoodhead — almost 4 years ago

Unable to install. I receive "could not be opened. Unexpected character P at line 1" when double clicking after download.

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