Pattern Instance Notation (PIN)

jason.mcc.smith Pro shared this on May 1, 2011

Pattern Instance Notation is a software diagramming notation for working with design patterns, both on its own and as an adjunct to UML and other modeling visual languages. It is described in full in the article The Pattern Instance Notation: A Simple Hierarchical Visual Notation for the Dynamic Visualization and Comprehension of Software Patterns, in the Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, 2011, at DOI reference 10.1016/j.jvlc.2011.03.003. It is also used extensively in the book Elemental Design Patterns from Addison-Wesley Publishing, and is now part of the Structure Pattens Metamodel Standard (SPMS) from the Object Management Group (OMG): It is suitable for use with UML or other notations, or as a standalone notation for describing interactions between design patterns independent of implementation features. This stencil includes Collapsed, Standard, and Stacked PINboxes. The Expanded PINboxes are supported by the Expanded PIN stencil also available on this site. Each PINbox includes magnets for each Role to help organize your diagrams. Feedback is appreciated.

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