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Free HP9000


The first palette in the series contains the following stencils: - HP9000 N Class Front View - HP9000 N Class Rear View - HP9000 L Class Front View - HP9000 L Class Rear View - HP9000 V Class Front View (with shadow) - HP E-41 Rack Unit (Empty) - HP E-41 Rack Unit (With 4 N Class Front View) - HP E-41 Rack Unit (With 4 L...more

Free Home Theater Connections

Home Theater Connections

Want to make sense of all that spaghetti that traditionally lives behind your entertainment center? This is the stencil for you! Includes RCA cables, S-Video, DVI, Optical and more.

Free Gardening


Got a green thumb? You should probably get that checked out, you know. But if it turns out you aren't a flesh eating zombie, maybe you're horticulturally inclined and a prime candidate for enjoying the many, many (well "several") uses of our new Garden Stencil.

Free Formal Network Symbols

Formal Network Symbols

This is an excellent stencil set of formal network symbols, for when the poofy internet cloud simply isn't enough. Oh wait — the poofy internet cloud is still there, hiding behind the moniker of "Network Cloud". That seems formal, maybe not black tie, but pretty formal.

Free Flow Map Shapes

Flow Map Shapes

We make flow maps daily to visually represent how users move through a system. We find that maps which depict screens and the results of user actions from those screens are easier for our clients to understand than the long text-heavy documents usually produced during the definition phase of most large web site projects. Most...more