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$9.99 iOS Components for China

iOS Components for China

Are you designing mobile apps for the Chinese market? You can use this stencil to make beautiful wireframes for your mobile apps. Just drag and drop to create professional deliverables for your clients, developers, or team members. iOS 组件库:产品经理可以用来构建线框原型。使用此模板你不仅可以快速通过拖拽构建专业的手机 app 原型,也可以轻松地向你的客户和研发团队进行展示。

$15.00 Façade Wireframe Stencil

Façade Wireframe Stencil

This stencil features easy drag-and-drop elements for creating awesome mockups, wireframes, and high-fidelity prototypes in minutes. The stencil kit is divided up into nine sections: Miscellaneous, Text, Colors, Buttons, Forms, Alerts, Placeholders, Modals, and Tables. Luyfel has been using OmniGraffle for over 5 years to...more

$25.00 iPhone UI Elements

iPhone UI Elements

This comprehensive iPhone stencil has everything you need to start designing a great iOS app. To get you started, this stencil includes all the basic user interface elements you need to design an iOS app -- header bars, navigation bars, search bars, buttons, labels, select menus, dialogs, gestures, lists, sliders, and...more

$59.00 Responsive Website Wireframe Kit

Responsive Website Wireframe Kit

Rapid Wireframing for Desktop, Tablet and Phones. Our massive wireframe library has 30 pages of content blocks, website elements, icons, wireframe examples and templates. Every single component comes in three sizes to quickly create wireframes showing desktop, tablet and phone layouts. The templates can also be used to...more

$109.00 UX Kits

UX Kits

Optimize your workflow and create beautiful UX documents with the UX Kits bundle, a huge library that contains hundreds of components for creating flowcharts and wireframes for desktop and mobile. The bundle includes our Responsive Website Wireframe Kit, plus three more UX Kits stencils: Website Flowcharts, Mobile App Visual...more

$25.00 UX Deliverables Starter Kit

UX Deliverables Starter Kit

The world of UX is filled with deliverables. And if you're starting out in UX, you'll probably be looking for a quick and easy template to get you started producing top-quality documentation This stencil includes 5 template deliverables: - Customer Journey Map - Ecosystem - Persona - Sitemap - User Journey Each template has...more

$10.00 Completely Customisable People

Completely Customisable People

The People stencil contains 16 completely customisable people for you to use and enjoy! Each Person is made up of swappable facial expressions, hair, clothes and accessories, so you can mix and match the People as you see fit. Of course, each part is also customisable using Omnigraffle - change the colour and stroke of any...more

$5.00 Lean Six Sigma Tools

Lean Six Sigma Tools

Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) tools for integrating into quality plans to include Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC) scientific model. Includes Bell Shaped Curve for plotting, Project Charter Matrix, Fishbone Diagram showing root causes, SIPOC Chart and Process Control Plan. Soon to come: Weighted...more

$29.00 Home


The ultimate stencil for home organization, planning, landscaping, and remodeling of your home, house or your client's home. This stencil includes shapes for outdoor landscaping, living room, party organization, kitchen remodeling, and more. This works wonderfully for apartment companies who would like to show prospect...more

$10.00 Lil Faces - Customizable faces

Lil Faces - Customizable faces

This stencil contains people objects such as hair, facial expressions, accessories to create your own customized faces. Also included are 21 unique male and female pre-made faces. When we say unique, we really mean it. We have provided a wide range of racial, cultural, and expressional characteristics to the Lil Faces so you...more