iPhone stencils

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Free iPhone 6 Basic Frame

iPhone 6 Basic Frame

More accurate basic iPhone 6 frame with three holes on the top and a home button on the bottom.

Free iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Chrome for the new iPhone 6 (4.7 " screen) and iPhone 6 Plus (5.5" Screen)

Free Modal Windows (Pharma)

Modal Windows (Pharma)

This is a collection of modal windows for wireframing. There are a few in here which will work for pharma websites or iPads as well. A much needed addition that we created here to fill a need.

$19.00 Flat and Cool UI

Flat and Cool UI

Responsive web and flat UI design is the current trend. This file satisfies that trend giving you all of the components and web elements needed that is responsive-ready! Graphs, buttons, checkboxes, drop downs, search boxes, notifications, radio buttons, controllers, sign in form, CTAs (call to actions), hero, register form...more

Free iOS 7 Wireframe Kit

iOS 7 Wireframe Kit

An OmniGraffle kit to make your wireframing a day at the beach. Born out of my own need for a good way to rapidly wireframe in OmniGraffle, this kit contains the most common UI elements in iOS 7. If you spot something I missed, fork it or shoot me a note.

$29.00 iPhone iOS 7 Stencil

iPhone iOS 7 Stencil

iPhone iOS 7 user interface components from the iPhone Stencils Kit.

$19.00 Eye Catching Wireframe Kit

Eye Catching Wireframe Kit

If you're looking to create wireframes that sell, this is the stencil for you. It consists of all the basic elements you need to wireframe websites/web apps and create simple site maps and flowcharts. While it looks great, it allows for great interaction designs that won't be confused with the final visual design of your...more

$25.00 iPhone / Clear Pro

iPhone / Clear Pro

This is an enhanced version of iOS7 Clear. This iPhone stencil includes many iOS 7 user interface elements, each element is transparent so it can be used on any colored background to make attractive mockups for your iOS apps. It's just more beautiful and professional! Please note this stencil will only work on coloured...more

Free IcoMoon Free

IcoMoon Free

IcoMoon was first built and released back in the November of 2011. Since its release, it has changed the way icon fonts (and icons in general) are being used in web today. IcoMoon introduced the first custom icon font builder, which allows users to select the icons they need, and make them into a font. IcoMoon was also the...more

Free Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices

The kit comes packaged with 22 popular mobile phones and tablets, measured out to the millimeter, plus displays and browsers. Quickly add your website or app designs to any of the devices, or easily modify the shapes to create new devices. Create product mockups or device icons, or use the illustrations on websites,...more