iPhone stencils

Free Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices

The kit comes packaged with 22 popular mobile phones and tablets, measured out to the millimeter, plus displays and browsers. Quickly add your website or app designs to any of the devices, or easily modify the shapes to create new devices. Create product mockups or device icons, or use the illustrations on websites,...more

$29.00 Mobile App Visual Flowchart

Mobile App Visual Flowchart

Make beautiful flowcharts for your mobile apps in minutes. Just drag and drop mini wireframes to create professional deliverables for your clients, developers or team members. This flowchart stencil comes packaged with 66 fully customizable mini wireframes to represent app functions, along with gesture icons and common...more

$19.00 iPhone /  Color Stencil

iPhone / Color Stencil

All new elements for iOS7 flat style. You can change colors to fit your requirements. It's fresh, cool and yet useful!

Free Gesture Pro

Gesture Pro

If you like this stencil, just say thanks. That's all.

$19.00 Clear / iPhone

Clear / iPhone

This iPhone stencil includes various iOS user interface elements -- but every element is transparent so it can be used on any colored background to make attractive mockups for your iOS apps. Oh, did I mention that it's iOS7.

Free Video Players - iPhone & iPad

Video Players - iPhone & iPad

Re-creating video players over and over is annoying. Here's a few standard ones and one alt version sized for retina iPhone & iPad. YouTube Vevo Native iOS 7 Alt

Free iOS Gestures

iOS Gestures

The most often used gestures in iOS and other touch based platforms.

Free iPhone 5 GUI

iPhone 5 GUI

An iPhone 5 GUI stencil made entirely in Omnigraffle - the only bitmap image is the actual phone and keyboard. Everything is editable. Includes: Safari, Buttons, Sliders, Settings, Toggles, Camera, Notification, Map Icons, Login Form, Chat Bubbles, Photos, Multiple Icons, Copy and Pasting functions and more.

$19.00 Icons Stencil

Icons Stencil

Standard icon set from GUI Toolkit. Perfect for designing iPhone, iPad, Android, Facebook, Windows, Windows Phone, and Mac OS X apps. Includes both gray and blue icons, representing inactive and active icon states.

$19.00 iPhone Wireframe Stencil

iPhone Wireframe Stencil

iPhone wireframe components from the iPhone Stencils Kit.