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Free iPhone Wire Frames

iPhone Wire Frames

This is a basic stencil for creating wire frames for iPhone optimized web sites (from April 2008) Includes standard components like form fields, buttons, dialogs, key boards, lists, loading icon, selected state. Any f...

April 29, 2008
Free iPhone 5 GUI

iPhone 5 GUI

An iPhone 5 GUI stencil made entirely in Omnigraffle - the only bitmap image is the actual phone and keyboard. Everything is editable. Includes: Safari, Buttons, Sliders, Settings, Toggles, Camera, Notification, Map ...

March 12, 2013
Free jQuery Mobile UI Elements OmniGraffle Stencil

jQuery Mobile UI Elements OmniGraffle Stencil

With the exciting July 2011 release of jQuery Mobile cam an onslaught of people looking to design and develop for this amazing new mobile platform, myself included. As we raced to our wire-framing software to begin cr...

November 3, 2011
Free iPad iPhone Scale Comparison

iPad iPhone Scale Comparison

A very basic grab and tidy up of an iPhone and an iPad. I've taken care to ensure that the representations of the devices are to scale; everything on the stencil is at 1/2 scale btw if you wanted to design in real siz...

February 1, 2010
Free iOS 7 Wireframe Kit

iOS 7 Wireframe Kit

An OmniGraffle kit to make your wireframing a day at the beach. Born out of my own need for a good way to rapidly wireframe in OmniGraffle, this kit contains the most common UI elements in iOS 7. If you spot something...

April 9, 2014
Free Sencha Touch v2.0

Sencha Touch v2.0

We recently refactored the stencil to render better in the stencil palette :) UI layouts and components for the HTML5 mobile framework Sencha Touch. This stencil contains buttons, date picker, form elements, toolbars,...

January 30, 2012
Free iOS Wireframe iPhone

iOS Wireframe iPhone

iOS Wireframe iPhone stencil from the iPad and iPhone Design bundle.

February 11, 2010
Free Apple Hardware Elements 2010

Apple Hardware Elements 2010

A collection of official Apple hardware icons, for use in physical network diagramming. Includes the following: iMac (all generations) MacBook Pro (unibody, previous generation) MacBook (unibody, previous generation) ...

September 2, 2010
Free Apple Hardware

Apple Hardware

A collection of 57 high-res 512x512 hardware icons that Apple uses in the finder when Coverflow is active. Even has the PC with the Blue screen of death. All with transparent backgrounds. Updated to include new iPhone...

November 24, 2008
Free Mobile device icons

Mobile device icons

Scalable iPhone, IPad, Air, WiFi, Cloud icons.

June 23, 2015